Google Chromecast 2 reviews setup instructions

Do you have simple LED TV and you want to convert to Smart TV?, then use the Google Chromecast. It is a simple tiny awesome device converts your TV as smart/Internet TV.

The cost of the device in India is 3399 Rs & its available in Flipkart. 

What all can be done in Google Chromecast 2?

  1. Casting Android mobile phone content directly into TV,  play games, browse internet etc.. in mobile & all will be visible on big screen.
  2. With Youtube, Dialymotion etc… apps you can directly cast the videos on TV. That too it support 1024 pixel i.e full HD videos from Youtube in TV.
  3. With mobile chrome browser, cast any videos with help of simply cast button.
  4. With Desktop Google Chrome plugin, you can cast your entire desktop contents directly on TV. Supported for Windows & Mac Chrome browsers.
  5. Desktop chrome allows Youtube, Dialymotion & some of the popular online video players contents can be streamed on TV

Requirement to use Chromecast.

  1. Router is required, if you don’t have router buy one from Amazon or Flipkart
  2. Stable internet connection is required.
  3. Android/iphone to play the contents.

How to install Chromecast 2, watch this simple video.

Like it?, its simple right to make TV as smart, then buy now the brand new Chromecast now.