Redo operation keymap shortcut in Android studio

In Windows for Undo operation Ctrl+z and for Redo Ctrl + y key’s are used. If you are new to Android studio editor, you may feel bit uncomfortable while performing these operations.

By default Android studio sets Ctrl+z for Undo and Ctrl+Shift+z for Redo operation. Follow below steps to change the default key settings.

File–> settings or Ctrl + Alt + s to launch the settings page, choose keymap.

Android Studio Default keymap

The default option has settings related to Android studio, you can change the standard kemap’s via drop-down, these are specific to particular environment like Visual Studio, Eclipse, Mac OS X etc.. Choose Visual studio keymap, here all key press events behaves like standard Windows keypress event.

Create custom keymap in Android Studio

simply copy any of the keymap & provide a name, search for related key, double click, here you will see a option to add Keyboard short cut. Press any key or combination of it to create your wished key stroke.

Add New Keypress event in Android studio

If the new Keystroke is already assigned for some other operation then it causes conflicts. You can see the conflicted operation with red color text. In this case you need to delete the key assigned for conflicting operation.

Conflict in The existing key action

To delete the assigned keypress event, right click on selected keystroke as shown in the below.

Delete the assigned keyboard shortcut

Apply these changes and start using Android studio.