SSD Improves Android Studio Build Speed

Recently i had written post about why Android Studio Gradle Build speed is low, i have windows 8 PC & Macbook pro. In Macbook Pro Android Studio builds much faster but in Windows 8 its too slow. To overcome this problem i have upgraded my Lenovo PC to Solid State drive. Now the speed is amazing.

Android Studio improvements in SSD

Android Emulator also launches very fast and the performance is very smooth. You will get the exact feel of using Emulator in Mac Book Pro.

I took 256 GB Transcend SSD from Amazon and updated my PC with new hard disk. Now the Build speed of Android Studio is blazing, it just takes 4 seconds to Build project, 3 Seconds to clean project etc… now all are in seconds only.


Though i had Intel core-i7 processor, 4GB of RAM still to my Laptop it use to get stuck while building project in Android studio & the process use to take nearly 5 minutes. New SDD gave life for Android studio as well as for overall performance of my PC.
With new SSD, my laptop gets boots up in 3 seconds, shut down in 4 seconds, re-boots in 5 seconds.
For Transcend hard disk i have paid 6700 Rs from Amazon, you can even get the same from Flipkart also.