Android Compat library v7 to display Dark actionbar in Pre ICS devices

Recently Google released v7 appcompat library to provide action bar support for API 8 onwards devices.Till now a third party library Actionbarsherlock was being used, now we can use V7 lib.
Go to Android SDK manager & see support library is installed or not. You need to get this lib to proceed further.

Then create a sample Application project, here by default you will see 3 options in drop down.

* Holo Dark,
* Holo Light,
* Holo Light with dark actionbar.

Automatically V7 be added as dependency lib in project. If not add it manually

Irrespective of the option you choose, once you run the application in API 8 i.e Froyo emulator, you would see Light color action bar as shown below.

If you go to Values–>styles & try to modify, intellisense will not work i.e no dropdown to choose theme.

Simply update with ‘Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar‘ as parent theme to get black color action bar. Update in all style files to see the changes in all versions.